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All Things Prosecco.
A modern story that began centuries ago.

Prosecco isn’t a trend. It’s tradition and heritage and history. Yet it’s entirely of the moment. That’s what makes it so alluring. At the center of it all is a lovely grape called Glera—you’ll know it as Prosecco; they’re one and the same—and an equally lovely village in the Veneto region of northeast Italy called, you guessed it, Prosecco. Italy’s answer to sparkling wine actually gets its name from this village, thought to be the home of our celebrated grape for centuries.

Glera thrives in the vineyards that dot the stunning hillsides and sweeping valleys of picturesque Veneto. A warm, temperate climate, matched by coveted soils of limestone, clay and marine sandstone, creates the signature fresh fruit and floral notes we love in the glass. And because Prosecco is made in the Charmat method, it has a lighter style and more delicate bubbles than its French counterpart.

fresh approach

We’re taking a fresh approach to Italian Prosecco. Have a sip.

We’re particular when it comes to how our Prosecco is made. The grapes for Avissi are selected from small parcels of Glera vines grown throughout the Prosecco DOC. Vineyard blocks are faithfully tended by growers whose families have farmed here for generations. Avissi is crafted in small batches using concrete fermentation tanks, elevating the quality of the wine. You’ll taste the nuance in the glass.

Our adoration for all things Prosecco extends well beyond the vineyards. Italy offers no shortage of inspiration, from artisanal tilework to intricate architectural design elements. What’s in the bottle reflects a reverence, not only for the historic vines here, but also for the attention to detail in every tile pattern, every curve of marble. Perhaps you’ve noticed, our label gives a nod to the unmistakable aesthetic of the art and architecture of northern Italy.

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